Micro air pollution exposure sensing technology and crowd-sourcing platform

In order to raise awareness on the multiple ways air pollution threatens our health and lives, and also our environment, and to overcome these problems, we designed Airify, a smart micro air quality monitoring solution, that plans to solve air pollution problem starting at individual and local level and going to a global scale using crowd-sourcing.

Airify is a micro wearable and IoT air quality sensing solution for multi-context usage, measuring 13 air parameters, which provides an open platform for crowd-sourcing air quality data.

Context awareness

With Airify, you do not need to be worried about data privacy. It automatically detects whether you are indoor or outdoor and actually keeps your private data private.


Airify is a personal device, built based on your specific needs. With six sensing modules, Airify is able to sense a wide range of pollutants that pose a threat to your health.


You can access Airify's crowd-sourced air quality data and use it to gain various insights. By sharing air information, everybody will be able to take the best decisions to reduce their air pollution exposure.

Body pollution index

One of Airify's main targets is to measure the negative impact of air pollution on our health. In this direction, a new index called Body Pollution Index (BPI) will act as a personal tracker of air pollution body load.

What do we do


Airify not only collects air quality data, but also analyzes it and tries to find patterns in order to help you breathe better.


Using algorithms to analyze data, Airify is able to compute the air quality index and body pollution index, presenting them to you in real time.


Airify will suggest you alternative routes to take to your destination, healthier parks, hotels, running tracks. You will also receive tips for a better breathing experience.

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